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So I accidentally found this website when looking for a phone number. Of course I started going through different things I have bought looking for reviews and saw the Kinetico name. I got to be honest, I was surprised to see all the negative reviews on Kinetico. Looks like it's mainly issues with people's local company, but non the less I was surprised. Glad to see they have half as many as the other water companies . I have had the Kinetico for... Read more

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I bought a Kinetico water softener in 2014 from my local 'authorised agent' , [who shortly after went out of business]. Once the machine was fitted, the engineer left, and advised that the discharge from the waste pipe would stop once the unit filled up. It did not. After a couple of 'phone calls 24 h later, I manually advanced the mechanism to stop the discharge. All seemed well, until another contractor on another job pointed out that... Read more

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Kinetico makes great claims and has good sales people but does not back up their claims in any way. No water is tested to see if it's performing by the company. They put the equipment in and hasta la vista baby. They will never be seen again. If you have a complaint, they will come out but again, you will never know if you have gotten what you paid for unless you pay for independent water testing. I had my equipment moved as they said they would... Read more

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Bought what i thought was a good wayer softener. In 2011. In 2016 had the indianapolis service out to check unit. 10 minutes after they showed up a salesperson just happened to stop by. End result, they said they didnt make parts for it anymore and offered to trade it in on a new unit. What the heck, are you kidding me?? A $3500 system, still under warranty? Needless to say, i threw them out and got it fixed for $35 from a past service manager... Read more

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Kinetico is the worst. They do not care what you say or do, they do not care. Spend your 4 to 5K elsewhere. You will be glad you did, trust me. I am updating my original post titled, "I would think thrice before..." I was never contacted despite numerous negative postings and a BBB submission. Once Kinetico has your initial drop of 4 to 5K they have made their money. You immediately become inconsequential, unless they can sell you something. It... Read more

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These water softener systems are the worse! We've had ours for 21 years and its never worked correctly. Take my advice, get a different system!

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I purchased a Kinetico water softener and reverse osmosis (K5) in 2013. $5,000.00 later, it worked well until April 2016. On March 1,2016 I contacted the installer, "Dan the water man" in Placerville regarding the cost, availability and purchase of new filters. BOOM! Dan replied back within hours to my inquiry. I drove to Placerville from Sutter Creek and dropped about $170.00 for 4 filters. I have had that experience with "Dan the Man" annually... Read more

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Had Kinetico for 15 yrs. System works well, but customer service sucks. Got a bill for $179 with no line item. Called and asked what bill was for... Annual Service contract. OK. Asked if renewal of Service Contract includes a service, and scheduled at their convenience in 3 weeks between noon and 1pm. Man showed at 12:15 and after lunch I checked on him at 12:45. Done! Replaced stones in bottom of tank and (maybe) a filter. I asked man if I owed... Read more

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I have had a Kinetico for 16 years. Never had a service call and my parent have had one for 20. They are on well water and have no iron staining. all plumbing and pictures look like the day they built. I also have a dechlorinator and have had chlorine free water in my house for 16 years. I go through 2 bags of salt year on city water. My folks go through 6 40 lbs bags a year. The best investment I bought was the K5 drinking system. Peace of mind... Read more

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Moved to the country and am now on well water. Not wanting to risk raw water (although the well tested merely high in Mn and moderately hard), I installed both a Kinetico dual-tank water softener, as well as the K5 drinking system. Let me start with the good. Going on five years now. No issues. The system works great. No more Manganese staining, water is soft, and a recent water test confirmed the osmosis filter is still great. Let me be quite... Read more

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