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No complaints at all; this is the finest water I've ever experienced. I got one when I moved to Florida in an area where the water is known to need treatment. Kinetico cost a bit more to install than some other systems but was well worth it; it does not use electricity and that will be a cost savings over time. Not to mention that I will always have good water through storms or hurricanes where I may lose power. Reps are very helpful and... Read more

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I work for the subcontractor whom maintains a radar site/air force base in King Salmon, Alaska which is remote. We have TTHM bi-products in the drinking water and Alaska pure water was the Kinetico representative in Alaska to install water treatment tanks, After wards, we found they punched the manufacture plugs inwards so it plugged our system afterwards, did not connect the MIOX system right, hooked up the water softener to oxidized makeup,... Read more

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Filters are too expensive and not readily available.

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After paying a premium price for the system, you are only allowed to buy the filters from their dealers. They are literally 10 times the price of comparable water system filters but are almost identical and obviously cost no more for them to make than these other items. They charge $35 for a $4 item because they can. It is an absolute rip off and one reason I will never buy Kinetico again. I also share this bad experience with anyone who is... Read more

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Found a useful site for Kinetico repairs and parts DIY help DVD Kinetico spares can only be purchased through a registered Kinetico dealer. This does represent a problem inasmuch that sometimes you are at the mercy of your local supplier. Kinetico have a policy of trying to keep everything "in-house", where they are able to try and fix the market prices in not only spares but servicing as well. However, the niggling thing for many people is that... Read more

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I spent $3500 + for a Kinetico waer softner. I have never had iron with my other unit, however with this unit everythink that touches water is iron. I contacted you once before and you sent the same people that installed it in Inverness, FL He tests the water, says it is fine and leaves! It is not fine!! He also said I needed 2 new water heaters so I had my plumber out to verify this and he said "no way"! I wish Kinetico would stand behind... Read more

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I reviewed this web site before I bought my water treatment system for our home in Ocala, FL. I was pissed just looking at the reviews for ALL the water treatment companies. If we din't have so many iron issues with our water I would have just left it alone, but we NEEDED it. I called out three companies including Kinetico. All were semi local and all did water treatment. Here's how it went. Company A (electric) came out and tested the water... Read more

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So I accidentally found this website when looking for a phone number. Of course I started going through different things I have bought looking for reviews and saw the Kinetico name. I got to be honest, I was surprised to see all the negative reviews on Kinetico. Looks like it's mainly issues with people's local company, but non the less I was surprised. Glad to see they have half as many as the other water companies . I have had the Kinetico for... Read more

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I bought a Kinetico water softener in 2014 from my local 'authorised agent' , [who shortly after went out of business]. Once the machine was fitted, the engineer left, and advised that the discharge from the waste pipe would stop once the unit filled up. It did not. After a couple of 'phone calls 24 h later, I manually advanced the mechanism to stop the discharge. All seemed well, until another contractor on another job pointed out that... Read more

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Kinetico makes great claims and has good sales people but does not back up their claims in any way. No water is tested to see if it's performing by the company. They put the equipment in and hasta la vista baby. They will never be seen again. If you have a complaint, they will come out but again, you will never know if you have gotten what you paid for unless you pay for independent water testing. I had my equipment moved as they said they would... Read more

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