Water softener quit using salt, called for service, tech comes out and wont touch unless I sign a waver because he feels the system could blow, and or a valve will leak and cause water damage. The tech never touching or thoroughly looking at anything immediately went into a sales mode i.e.

we need a new $4500 system, ours is ready to explode, or if he puts it in bypass mode it will start leaking. No professional work at all. Just $139 service call and he turn us over to the sales department.

The business is Maricopa Water & Kinetico systems...beware! Found equivalent system installed for $700.

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there is no equivalent to Kinetico... and if there was, it wouldn't be $700.

You will regret that $700 of wasted money... very soon.

to duhhh #1153849

Over priced quality products.......that's all they are. If they were soooo great, everyone would be manufacturing them.

The technology has had expired patents for decades. No one wants to deal with these water pressure valves because they're unreliable with certain water supplies.

Buy a good quality "traditional" softener. Run from kinetico!!!!

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