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We purchased a Kinetico Drinking Water Filtration system. From day one it has been a disaster.

We had been using bottled water and the idea of not having to lift those heavy bottles sounded like a good idea. First of all it was hooked up to an old copper line that ran to the refrigerator. The water tasted awful. They came back and ran a plastic line from the unit along the splash guard under the counter to reach the refrigerator.

That did help the taste. Then we had to replace the filters to the tune of $156.00 and they are not easy to change, in a confined space on your back on the floor. Now it is leaking and has soaked through the cupboard under the sink. Kinetico was called and they were going to charge us $80.00 for the service call plus a trip charge and mileage just to look at the unit.

It is now at the Kinetico shop. Whatever the outcome this unit is ours, we signed for it and we are stuck with it.

We love the water softener it is wonderful and has worked like a dream but this drinking water system is not worth the money. We could have bought bottled water for years and years for what it has cost us at this point and without the frustration and damage it has caused.

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We are having problems just getting someone out to check on our system. No one has been out since it was installed in March. We don't even know if it is running right and don't really think it is.

My husband finally got a call today saying someone would be out tomorrow. I am not holding my breath. We are using Orlando Dist and they are sooooooo hateful when they call. We are now 2 payments behind because we refuse to pay for something that we don't know is working right. At first they said they would not send anyone out until we caught up the payments and my husband said he was not making anymore payments until this is checked out. Again, they are such terrible people to talk to. Someone needs to teach these people Customer Service. The Rep that came out to begin with says he will call and make arrangements to come by and we have never seen him anymore.

The only way my husband got a call today is because I emailed the Corp. office.

Well, we will see what happens tomorrow.


Dear Sheri, has your Kinetico representative been able to resolve your problem? If, not please contact me, I'm a Kinetico dealer and I'm very interested in helping you resolve your problems. Kinetico drinking water systems are the finest on the market and there is a logical reason for the problem.


Please feel free to contact Kinetico Incorporated directly at custserv@kinetico.com to discuss these issues.

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