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Worse system EVER!!!!!!! Not only did their system destroy our house due to faulty install and leaking, bur their service people are absolutely horrible!!!!

We have been without water & ice to our refrigerator for months. We had to have a remediation company come and remove all our cabinets to get the mold out of our house while we had to live in a hotel for over a week. Our wood floors were also destroyed and are still waiting (a month later) for them to be repaired.

This nightmare continues as it has taken three weeks (and we're STILL WAITING) for their installers to come back and re hook-up the system. I don't even think the water is that great even when the system was working for the short period of time that it was functional.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $30000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I bought a home with a 9 year old Kinetico softener in it. With 6 people in our family, it provided clean conditioned water 24/7 and used less than 1/2 the salt two other brand of softeners used in the previous homes I had.

I have now used Kinetico systems for 24 years and wouldn't have anything else. The systems are quieter than other softeners, regenerate daytime instead of night and provide soft water to your home even during the regen cycle.

to Kazoo Guy Phoenix, Arizona, United States #893634

Kazoo Guy..........check your facts...........on any water softener, you can change the regeneration time to whatever works for you. As far as salt usage, that can be changed as well. It depends on the hardness of your water.

to Anon #894140

Anon...... check your facts.......kinetico products regenerate on a consumption basis which means it is not programmable/calendar based.

It will regenerate when needed no matter the hardness when set up properly to the household hardness. So because of this the kinetico softener is one if not the most efficient softener you can buy (depending on the model of course). In the post and others it is clear that the issues seem to be with poor installation not the product.

There are many companies to choose from for installations.

to Anon Clermont, Florida, United States #946486

LOL. Kinetico is NON electric so it doesnt have a timer or any electronics so NO.

You cant adjust the time of regeneration.

It works for Kinetic energy to meter your water. Check your facts bud.

to Anon #984586

Check your facts also. Selecting a systems regeneration time does not make it more efficancent.

You still have down time regardless of when you "select it to regenerate". The Kinetico dual tank systems regenerate on usage and not base on a time. Also you comment on lowering the salt setting, if you do not use the proper setting based upon hardness you don't get the correct salt dosage.

You sir.. Or ma'am are the reason why so many people see advice, try it and then end up screwed.

to Kazoo Guy #894518

Our system makes noise every time we use the R/O system. Also it randomly makes noise when water is filtering to the refrigerator for the ice maker.

In our old house we had an ionics system that not only had AMAZING tasting water, but was quiet, and we didn't need a tank under any cabinets (we have TWO tanks under our cabinets with this system). The salt was never an issue for either system.

Just wish we had stuck with ionics for this house. Lessoned learned.

to Anonymous Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #946490

1st of all. Any Reverse Osmosis System has to have a Bladder tank, and a filter module.

Therefore, saying that Ionics does not, means there was NO system lol. The reason why Kinetico make a "noise" is because it purifying the water and dispensing into the bladder tank and when the ice maker needs water, it pulls from. ALSO the Kinetico does an ever clean rinse. Meaning, every time it fills up the bladder tank, it rinses the membrane which is the cylinder that only water molecules can pass through.

By rinsing the membrane it gives the system a longer life span, which is why it has the LONGEST lasting warranty on the market today. Not only that, but it makes sure that the water you get is the best quality water. Test it against any other RO, the TDS will always be lower.

Just wish you had payed attention during the initial sale, or read the warranty pamphlet or the manual or looked at the web site. LOL

to Anonymous Sanford, Florida, United States #953696

wow, you are so smart.

to Anonymous #1316958

Nah. I think you've spent enough time doing that to yourself for the both of us troll.

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